Nintendo Enthused: Kid Icarus Uprising

by Jenn on March 26, 2012

Back in 2008 I became super close friends with a tight-knit group of Chicago bloggers. As usual, life happens and we move away, have kids, and find new jobs that keep us ridiculously busy. Aside from a couple of random visits, it’s been a long time since I hung out with these ladies.

That all changed this past Friday when we met at my apartment for some catching up, birthday cake, and more importantly, Nintendo pwnage — courtesy of Rachel.

The timing was perfect because Kid Icarus Uprising just came out and being five super competitive Nintendo Ambassadors, we wasted no time (well, maybe a little) jumping into a Light vs. Dark tournament.

At first none of us knew what we were doing — except Rachel, who I’m convinced has access to a super secret phone line at Nintendo where the company gives her all sorts of super top-secret sneak attacks. It was a lot of fun attacking each other and picking up new weapons that resembled office appliances.

We played a total of 18 matches (holy crap) and it pains me to say that the Dark team beat the Light team 10 times. Despite our loss, we still had a lot of fun. And who wouldn’t while wearing laurels?

After a day of rest, I decided to give the solo option a try. A lot of the weapons make much more sense now and less resemble printers and chandeliers. It’s addicting and I found myself saying “just one more level” before taking a break. I’m currently on level 5, but after the beating I took in level 4, I think it’s time for some rest.

What I love: Each level gives you a taste of both flying and land battles. I tend to prefer flying, but it can get tough to keep an eye on all your enemies that way. It’s also pretty cool that you can change the difficulty of each level by betting some hearts. I won’t lie to you, Internet. I’ve been letting the game choose for me instead of manning up and tipping the scales on the more difficult side. Oh! And did I mention the sweet stand that comes with the game? Where have you been all my life?

What I less than love: The conversation happening on the lower screen while I’m fighting. I’m thankful that I can just listen instead of having to read it, but when I’m fighting a swarm of enemies I am not focused whatsoever on what’s happening elsewhere. So if the game is telling me how to kill someone, it’s likely that I didn’t hear it. However, I realize that this information would probably be skipped over if put at the beginning of the level. I guess it’s kind of nice to not feel alone.

But that’s just me being nit-picky. Overall I’m really enjoying game. I haven’t played the original, so I’m not sure how it compares, but I can’t imagine you NOT enjoying Uprising. I still think the Nearby (tournament) mode is my favorite part of the game. After a bit more practice and acquiring some better, less printer-like weapons I’ll be ready to take on the Dark team again!

[Disclaimer: As a Nintendo Brand Ambassador, I receive free games from Nintendo to review. However, all the opinions are mine and not those of Brand About Town or Nintendo]


You have reveled my secret! I SHALL KILL YOU!!!!


This was an absolute awesome, and much needed night! I need to try out the solo game play... but I do gotta say, I'm proud of myself for killing Rachel a few times before I had to leave! Also: I think another Mario Kart night is in order! :)


seriously sounds like you guys had so much fun & the laurels are an excellent accessory. those should be worn more often, haha.

jennifer beese
jennifer beese moderator

 @katelin It was so much fun; would have been even better if you were in Chicago to join us! I have extra laurels (that sounds weird). Happy to share the love if you're interested :)


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