DIY Wrapping Paper Wall Art

by Jenn on April 17, 2012

One thing I’ve never done is put any effort into decorating my apartment. Scratch that. There was that one time when I cut a bunch of butterflies out of magazine pages and taped them up around my living room. That was mostly out of boredom thought, not design.

Now that I plan on staying put for a while (FINALLY), I want to make my apartment feel homey. Bare walls scream unsettled and temporary, and I hate feeling that way. I’ve been here for four months; it’s time to start decorating.

Well guess what? Art is expensive. While Pinterest has done nothing to help my monthly Etsy budget, it did give me some money-saving DIY ideas.

I want to put some meaningful art up, but my walls are big and they’re plain so I need some filler. Thankfully, Aunt Peaches had the brilliant idea of using wrapping paper. So I bought some cheapo frames from Target (seriously, they were like $7.99) and found a few patterns that I wouldn’t mind staring at for a while.

I though that cutting out the paper to match the size of the frame would be a hassle, but I just used the standard fake photo that comes with the frame as a template. It probably took all of 20 minutes to prep four frames. There’s really no need to get crazy with rulers and x-acto knives; some scissors will do just fine.

The nice thing about using wrapping paper (besides its inexpensive cost) is that it’s easy to change. When I’m tired of looking at stripes and dots I can buy something else and swap it out.

I’ve also been working on some painting projects, but I’ll save those for another day.


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