The Shortest Longest Road Trip

by Jenn on August 6, 2012

Driving across the country, regardless of destination or reason, is exhausting. Especially when you’re trying to maintain some sort of schedule. Side note: If I could just set off to explore and not worry about work, deliveries, or cat-sitters, then I’d be writing an entirely different post.

Somehow, Dan and I managed to drive from Seattle to Chicago in three days. Even more surprising, we were well-rested, well-fed, and even had time to stop at Mount Rushmore and the Corn Palace (this place really exists!).

The first two days were pretty tame, but the third (and final) was a beast. We had to drive through four states, and it didn’t help that we hit construction an hour away from home. But somehow we arrived at the apartment before midnight. Success!

While I wish we spent a bit more time playing tourists — I would have loved to visit the Badlands or Yellowstone — I was so happy to get out of that car. My previous cross-country road trip wrapped up only eight months ago, which isn’t nearly a long enough break. On a happier note, I did visit two states I haven’t previously been to: Montana and South Dakota.

The apartment is still a bit of a disaster (we’re living without a couch for the next four to six weeks), but being home early gave us some time to unpack and get settled before resuming our normal work-week routines, which I’m incredibly thankful for. Since I work from home, it would be super distracting to look at half-unpacked boxes and mountains of clutter while writing.

More on cohabitation later. For now, enjoy these pictures from the shortest longest road trip.


I'll say it again because it's that true, the picture of you at the Corn Palace is amazing! I love it!


yay so glad you guys made it okay & love the pictures, so fun!


I went to the corn palace years ago! I was sad that it didn't actually look like corn, though. But still awesome!

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