On Saying Nice Things

by Jenn on November 7, 2012

Day 7: Talk about the last compliment you received

I like getting compliments. Who doesn’t? But I’m horrible at accepting them. I’ll usually brush it off with a joke, turn my head to hide my reddening cheeks, or redirect the attention on someone else.

The best compliments are the ones that come for no special reason at all. For example, sometimes we’ll be out at a bar and, even though we’re sitting right next to or across from each other, Dan will text me with a compliment (aka “sweet nothings”). He has done this since 2008. In fact, I think that’s how we planned our first date. We were at a restaurant with several other bloggers, and while conversations were had around the table, we had our own private chat via text. Aw memories!

The last compliment I received was probably about my excellent taste in lockets or ability to rally after crying over lumpy pumpkin. Oh, actually, I did receive a pretty awesome compliment from a blog reader, Brandi. She gave me the Liebster Award, which means “beloved” in German. Thanks again, Brandi!

Thinking about compliments helped me realize something — I don’t share enough of them. Let’s fix that!

  • I like how Kerry mixes floral with polka-dots. I’m a victim of boring, pattern-less clothing and often admire the ladies (and gents) who pull off fun mixes. Also, thanks for the scarf-tying tip!
  • I don’t even know her, but I love Tracy for putting together this awesome notebook organization tutorial.
  • Caitlin, from The Order of The Good Death, tackles a difficult subject (death) with the perfect mixture of curiosity, respect, and humor. I can’t wait for her book!

Okay, just a little snippet. But I really will make a better effort at vocalizing my compliments instead of just pinning them :)


The best compliment that I've received lately was "If I didn't know any better, I'd say that you were a second time mom. And I mean that in a good way." Basically, my friend was saying that I'm more relaxed about my baby than most people are with their first. I tend to be a ball of stress and nerves and I've consciously been trying to enjoy my baby and not let myself get freaked out. So, it was good to know that I've succeeded to the point where other people have noticed. 

jennifer beese
jennifer beese moderator

 @BeerAndPie That IS a great compliment! I don't have kids yet, but I know I'll be a giant ball of crazy whenever it happens. I'm already neurotic over my cats. And they have nine lives!

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