Life List

I’ve been wanting to write this list for a while. Thanks to my quarter-life crisis, I finally got around to it. I’ll continue to add as I (hopefully) cross off items.

My Life List

1. Send the perfect care package to someone far away.
2. Write a book.
3. Camp in Joshua Tree.
4. Complete a Sudoku puzzle (without cheating).
5. Eat lobster.
6. Take a road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway.
7. Visit Alcatraz.
8. Learn how to sew a pillow.
9. Run a marathon.
10. Get completely out of debt before I’m 30.
11. Take a hot-air balloon ride.
12. Send a message in a bottle.
13. Participate in a Zumba class. 2.28.11
14. Practice yoga regularly.
15. Learn to juggle.
16. Go to a costume party. 10.29.11
17. Sky dive.
18. Collect a post card from every state in the U.S.
19. Go to Space Camp.
20. Take a tour of a city by kayak or canoe.
21. Have a role, however small, in a play.
22. Take swing dance lessons.
23. Learn how to speak French.
24. Finish a degree in Movement Sciences.
25. No bread for a week. Just to see if I can do it – I love PBJ too much.
26. Get a passport. 6.1.11
27. Volunteer at an animal shelter. 6.11.11
28. Swim with dolphins.
29. Watch the sunrise in a foreign country.
30. Inspire someone.
31. Learn how to surf.
32. Have a movie-worthy kiss in the rain.
33. Get over my fear of fractions. I don’t like them, but I respect them.
34. Take more pictures.
35. Visit every U.S. state – 28/50
36. Try Acupuncture.
37. Beat Rachel at Mario Kart.
38. Buy a lottery ticket. I didn’t win.
39. Spend New Years Eve in Times Square.
40. Find the perfect little black dress.
41. Wine tasting in Napa Valley.
42. Belly dancing class.
43. Take more pictures in a photo booth.
44. Take a cooking class.
45. Learn the basics of HTML and CSS.
46. Drink coffee in Seattle (not from Starbucks). 9.1.11
47. Spend a day in a spa.
48. Crochet a blanket.
49. Learn how to play chess.
50. Play poker in Vegas.
51. Fill up every page in a paper journal.
52. Visit an island. 6.4.11
53. Alaskan cruise.
54. Get an 8th tattoo. 7.19.11
55. Get on an airplane with the person I’m dating. 10.26.12
56. Read 50 books in 365 days – 16/50.
57. Take a ride on a motorcycle. - 2.22.11
58. Thunder snow.
59. Hike in Runyon Canyon. 7.4.11
60. Teach a class. 9.20.12
61. Go apple picking. 10.20.12
62. Experience weightlessness.
63. Travel to Egypt and visit the pyramids.
64. Spend a week in Greece.
65. Hike a glacier and volcano, separately (Thanks Jess for the inspiration!)
66. See the Northern Lights
67. Take a Mediterranean cruise.

What’s on your life list?